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  • Client

    Carter Clothing Company

  • Services

    Brand Identity, Website Development, Integrated Marketing

  • Launch project

Viattu planned to launch their e-commerce website on WordPress, whilst still retaining all existing content from offline sales. Whilst this site would still showcase all current Viattu offerings, it was essential to create a site flexible enough and capable of accommodating diverse and dynamic plans for additional content in the future.

Viattu wanted to re-position themselves as the foremost brand in premium handmade leather goods. This required a solution that would act as a central hub for varied content.

The website was designed to cater for varying browsing modes. For those who knew what they wanted, we created an easy-to-use navigation signposting users to content and products quickly.

I set up payments with Paystack to accommodate different payment options.

I delivered an up to date, modern website design that clearly differentiates Viattu from their key industry competitors. Built with content delivery in mind to facilitate continuous growth of the Viattu website, and to support their digital marketing strategy, I achieved an improved user journey and optimized conversion funnel delivering more online leads.